Are Composite Fillings The Best Treatment for Cavities

A composite filling is the best choice when it comes to fixing minor decay. Composites are better than amalgam (silver) fillings aesthetically, a reason that has made the treatment popular over the years.

Composite fillings are less conspicuous as they are made to match the natural colour of a person’s original teeth. They can also be used to restore both the front or back teeth. This is unlike amalgam fillings that are darker in colour. 

Unlike amalgams and other fillings, composites bond directly to the decayed tooth. This makes the tooth much stronger than when having a silver filling. Composite tooth fillings require a less tooth structure to be removed. They work best as a small filling. 

Composites are an excellent choice but they are less durable than amalgams. However, with proper dental care, composites can last for years.

Placing composite fillings is generally more expensive and takes longer than getting amalgams. The procedure is also challenging as the area receiving treatment ought to be dry. 

Choosing the right dental filling will not be an easy task. Your dentist will walk you through all the available options and help you make the right decision. Remember, proper hygiene prevents cavities.